World’s Leading Neuroscience Researchers Convene in Jupiter for Symposium

JUPITER, FLA, USA (May 28, 2014) – Neuroscience researchers and students from around the world gathered at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) May 9 and 10 for the 2014 Collaborations in Neuroscience Symposium (CNS). Presented as a joint conference of the Max Planck Society and the University of Tokyo, the symposium brings together leading researchers from across the globe to collaborate on unlocking the mysteries of the brain – the most important and least understood organ in the body.

“The Max Planck Society has a strong partnership with the University of Tokyo in several areas of study,” said MPFI Scientific Director Dr. Ryohei Yasuda. “As two of the world’s most prestigious and successful research organizations, our collaboration facilitates the type of international communication that’s key for the advancement of science, specifically our knowledge of the brain’s function, structure, and development.”

Thirteen speakers from the University of Tokyo and 14 from the Max Planck Society discussed the latest findings in the functional organization of the nervous system and its capacity to produce perception, thought, language, memory, emotion, and action. Also in attendance were researchers, faculty, and students from FAU, Scripps, and Duke University. The keynote speakers were Dr. Nobutaka Hirokawa, President and Chairman of the Human Frontier Science Program and Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of Tokyo in Japan, and Dr. Alexander Borst, Scientific Director of the Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Martinsried, Germany.

“Partnerships such as this are crucial to drive the research that leads to groundbreaking discoveries,” Dr. Yasuda added. “We’re able to assemble the brightest minds in neuroscience right here in Palm Beach County, and for two days have unparalleled access to their collective expertise. It’s a sharing of ideas unlike any other in the region.”

The Max Planck Society and the University of Tokyo are consistently ranked among the best research institutions in the world–number five and number eight respectively, according to Nature Publishing’s Index Global Top 200 for 2013. The Max Planck Society – University of Tokyo joint neuroscience symposium was previously held in Tokyo in 2012.