Selection Process

Phase 1: Exceptional candidates chosen by the Selection Committee based on their online application materials will be shortlisted to have a video interview in January. A panel of 3 faculty members will hold the interview.

Phase 2: Successful candidates will be invited to attend a Selection Symposium. The next Selection Symposium will be in February 27 & 28, 2020 in Jupiter, Florida and in March 9 & 10, 2020 in Bonn.  The format for the 2 days is:

  1. Poster Sessions – poster presentation sessions with candidates and Selection Committee members explaining candidate’s prior research project
  2. Selection Interviews – individual interviews with members of the Selection Committee
  3. Matching Interviews – individual interviews with mentoring Principal Investigators (PIs) who have PhD positions available in their labs.

During breaks, applicants will have the opportunity to discuss their previous research experience and future research interests with committee members and faculty who have available positions.  Time is allocated in the evenings for informal interactions with committee members, applicants, and faculty over dinner.  On the 2nd evening, current IMPRS students will host an evening with applicants in Bonn city.  See schedule from 2019 Selection Symposium here.

The Selection Committee decides on eligibility for admission to the IMPRS for Brain and Behavior program and will announce decisions by email shortly after the meeting.  The positions must start no later than 6 months after the Selection Symposium.

We will support any necessary visa application and reimburse approved travel expenses.

Important: Acceptance into our graduate school is based upon the decision of the Selection Committee that an applicant is qualified for admission, a successful match with an IMPRS mentoring PI, and meeting the matriculation requirements of the partner university.