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Effective and Dynamic Scientific Presentations for PhD students

04/02/2020 05/02/2020


In this 2-day workshop, the focus lies on performance, delivery and effective messaging of scientific presentations. This workshop is particularly helpful for researchers who have first presentation experiences and would like to advance their individual presentation style.

Course description

This training is designed to improve the individual performance and the practice of giving convincing scientific presentations. It goes beyond a theoretical understanding of presentation performance and invites the participants to expand their range of action through improvisational exercises. The focus lies on non-verbal communication, connection to the audience and overall performance quality. Beyond these exercises, the workshop is enhanced by practical elements of theatre and vocal performance that apply in the given context. In addition, it includes an individual coaching session to focus on specific, personal challenges.

The goal is to develop the researcher’s individual presentation skills and uncover one’s individual, successful presentation style. Though difficult to teach, these skills put any presentation into the realm of highest quality and impact.


Day 1

  1. Basic standards and hardware of scientific presentations (structure, slide design, storyline)
    • Storyboard – A practical application to turn scientific data into a compelling story by building a coherent storyline
  2. Body language, use of voice: Theoretical input on “does and don’ts” Exercises:
    • Body awareness, posture & stands, gesturing
    • Vocal exercises to manage volume, melody of speech, vocal presence
  3. Connection to the audience:
    • Giving short talks with different content and different tasks to manage in order to develop performance confidence and presence
    • Some exercises are video taped and analysed together

Day 2

  1. Dealing with nervousness: Theoretical, structural input
    • Visualization as preparation for a talk
    • Warm-up to prepare for stage presence
    • Practice the opening and closing of a talk
  2. Individual presentations and coaching
    Every participant gives a 5 min talk, applying the learned content
    • Presentations are being video taped
    • Feedback from the group
    • Short, individual coaching session on personal challenges

Kathrin Keune, consultant and performing artist, holds a Master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy, Coaching and Education and earned a B.A. in the performing arts. She worked in a San Diego based medical research laboratory throughout her 6 year stay in Southern California, USA (2005 – 2011). Kathrin has been offering trainings on scientific presentations and communication at different American and German universities. Her background in theater in combination with her psychology degree turn her trainings into an outstanding learning experience. She still performs as a classical singer at different venues in Germany.

If you would like to join this course, please email IMPRS Coordination Office (imprs.info@caesar.de). There will be max. 10 participants.



Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
Bonn, 53175

Seminar Room 3.05